Continuing on the theme of oil… Oil is similar to the blood in your body, it circulates throughout the engine(body) supplying nutrients (lubrication) to the various parts. If you are low on oil the parts won’t get lubricated. If you blood isn’t circulating properly you don’t get nutrients.

In today’s engines the tolerances between parts are extremely small… they are very close together and the only thing protecting them is a very fine layer of oil, take that oil away and you have metal on metal, which builds heat as the parts start wearing away. Wear in an engine is not a good thing.

The oil can also become dirty and sludgy…. and won’t flow properly. Again if the oil won’t flow to the small areas of the engine, it will reduce the lubrication, metal will ride on metal and wear will occur. By the way the metal in the new engines… wears very easily and quickly.

We’ve experienced a number of different issue with most major brands, some are worse than others… some/most have tiny little orifices that the oil runs through to actuate different parts, again oil MUST be able to flow through those orifices. Lack of oil or sludgy oil won’t get into those places that need it most. Result – – the worse case scenario is pictured here. The connecting rod on this engine IS NOT supposed to be sticky through a hole in the block.