At Granden Auto we support a regular maintenance protocol for all vehicles. Without regular maintenance the cold weather will play havoc on you car or truck. Heaters won’t create enough heat, batteries won’t have the power to turn you car over on a cold morning and tires can drop several pounds overnight just from the cold air.

A good example is Mr. Smith who came in for an oil change in September. We told Mr. Smith that his battery was weak and even though it started his car without a problem when it is frosty at night, when the temperature dips down to -30 his car would be having problems. Sure enough on that first cold night the battery didn’t have enough power to start the car.

Many vehicles have issues with there heater not putting out enough heat on the cold days. The heater core may be plugged up… if the warm antifreeze can’t heat up the heater core enough, the cold air will just pass through to the inside without getting warm. Like kitchen taps, the heater core gets corroded, we use something similar to CLR to remove the corrosion and allow anti-freeze to flow freely through the heater core… creating heat inside the car.

If you experience any issues with you vehicle on these cold winter days, give our Granden Auto team a call.